Sometimes It Pays To Do Your Own Plumbing


Whenever you want to do your own plumbing there are two things you should ask yourself. Will it cost me less and will my wife kill me if I screw up? Seriously though, doing your own plumbing can save you so much freaking money it is insane! Do you know a skilled tradesman can pay up to $100 just for walking in your door? That’s right, when that 3 dollar part on your toilet breaks they make ninety seven dollars just for showing up and doing a five minute job. You may want to check out different area as well for the best rates.


You are best to look to youtube videos on your specific project. There are so many helpful people out there, especially on video sites. The plumber vancouver is a perfect place to look for the best professionals. They are trying to give as much free information as possible to get subscribers and viewers… so with that said their goal truly is to help you be able to do your plumbing on your own. I know I just wouldn’t want my wife getting upset at me all because my ego got in the way and I tried to do it myself, but, live and learn I guess!

The west end area is on a whole different level when it comes to plumbing companies. A plumber west end can cost a premium price because they have more experience and come from the better schools. They do live demos on real life pluming disasters and are timed to see how fast they can complete the job in front of them. This goes a long way when people review their work after they are done. It’s usually four and five stars across the board on yelp and on other different trades sites as well.

If you do not feel comfortable taking your skills into your own hands then you should just hire a professional. Yes you will lose some money but honestly there is no better tradesman than plumber kitsilano so make sure to call today and get the job done!

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